Pollution, Climate Change.. Is there a future for Earth??

Plastic Pollution - image

Our natural environment consists of all living species on earth and the conditions surrounding them. This is the case when we talk about ‘natural environment’. Climate, weather, living organisms, energy, gravity – all these were already here or happening here without any human intervention. These natural environments changed to artificial or man made environment by human activities such as urban settings, agricultural land etc. Every organism will transform their natural surroundings into an artificial one to increase their comfort and safety. But as human species are we going too far to make our own comfort zone by polluting the environment? Pollution and climate change is real and it is visible everywhere, but humans are living in deniel.

Earth in its pure form was ready to host life in it by providing clean air and pure water to its inhabitants. Eventually our human race took control over the planet and now we have to breathe in all toxic gases and drink water from plastic bottles!!

Rising sea levels, Global Warming, Greenhouse effect, Plastic Pollution, Ozone layer depletion, Oil Spills, Deforestation, Pesticides, Fertilizers and the list of human impact on Earth goes on…

Try this Quiz to know more about Pollution.

1. Ozone layer is found in which part of Earth’s atmosphere?



2. World environment day occurs on 5 June every year to raise awareness on emerging environmental issues. It first held in which year?


3. Minimata disease was due to–



4. In 1984, 45 tons of deadly gas escaped from an insecticide plant in Bhopal, India. Which is that deadly gas?


5. Love Canal Development- The worst environmental disaster involving chemical waste in US history, was detected in which year?



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